The 365 Commitment

Overcoming the Mind

You are ALWAYS going to have an excuse. Resistance. Reasons. Too tired. Too this or too that. The mind will be very convincing in trying to stop you from doing ANYTHING that causes the body discomfort. It seems that we must recognize the mental resistance, and just be willing to say, “Yes, I understand there are reasons for not doing this, but I am going to do it anyway.”

Here is the thing, you will over come the mental resistance on the first effort and if you keep it up the initial effort will have less resistence. I need to go run. Mind says, no, you had a tough day yesterday. You need to rest. Well, if you consistently overcome that resistence and you run anyway, then the mind will give up and move to the next resistence. Ok, you are running right now, but I think you should just run 2 miles and that is it. Take it easy today. That is just how the mind works. Avoid discomfort at all costs.

Just tell that mind, ok, but…I am doing it anyway.

Guy Reams

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