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Rest Day

Having one day of rest per week seems to most people an exclusively religious concept. It certainly is in the Abrhamic religions. However, they are not the only traditions that honor a concept a kin to the sabbath. Here is a provoking question, to consider. If every major religious traditions have taught for thousands of years that reserving one day a week is  either a commandment of God, or a principle so worthy of following that it will be enforced. So if this has been a human tradition passed on through the aged for millenia or more, preserved, recorded and literally carved in stone. If that many people, for that long, spanning cultures and countries all follow this concept – do you think that maybe, just maybe, they are right?

Perhaps the reason the tradition is preserved so vigiliantly is because having a day of rest is really important and in fact has been proven over centuries of practice that it is generally good for your mental and physical health. Maybe we should take at least 1 day of rest? Put the phone down for a day?

Guy Reams

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