The 365 Commitment

Vision of Future

I had a vision of the future this morning in the early hours while meditating. Rather vivid. I was on a path and was presented with a intersection where I could decide to go to the right where I say a scraggly old tree, in a mountainous desert terrain. There was a raven flying about the arid landscape.  I could go left where I saw a tree that looked parched but was starting to sprout flowers and an old gnome snoring lazily at its base. In the distance, I could see a long flat plain filled with thousands of this same tree. Straight ahead, I saw some boulders with the path curving around them. Up ahead was a large cliff, with a drop off. The cliff seemed to conceal what would be a beautiful valley below the mesa from which I walked.

I chose straight ahead. Why not? Off the cliff we go.


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