The 365 Commitment

Tracking Your Behavior

So I set out today with a few ambitions. Starting my morning with a quiet session, meditating and contemplating what I could do to really improve my life. Outside of work obligations, I resolved to start plotting certain goals of mine and finding easy and powerful ways to track them. I worked on my running, exercise, dietary and financial goals. That led me down the road of taking a look at software that can track my daily, monthly, annual spending and investing process. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the financial market has made some significant improvements in this area and after several hours of programming everything in, I was able to get a really good picture of where I am doing great and where I am doing bad. I used another software package to analyze areas that I could save and yet another to determine where I am really overspending when compared to others. I learned a lot in a short period of time and rather quickly made some course corrections that will help me improve my net worth next year significantly. Time well spent for sure!


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