The 365 Commitment

Day 363 – Mountain Run

I ran around lake arrowhead this morning. Really early, below freezing. I meandered through a maze of trails and roads and eventually was able to see the sky lighten as the morning broke.

The birds started to wake up and I started to encounter wildlife up early roaming around for their early snack. The experience was peaceful, as I felt the calm stillness wrestle away any troubling thoughts I was having.

Felt grateful that running is now part of my life. Normally I would have slept in on a morning like this. I would have never seen the bluejay float across the water and delicately land on a pine bough as the sun sparkled across his glistening feathers. Would not have seen the backdrop of small sparkles of light surrounding the area from the morning frost.

More importantly, I would not felt the renewed sense of life and purpose that surrounded me as a blanket of morning sunshine enveloped me while standing on a rock out cropping at the waters edge.

Guy Reams (363)

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