The 365 Commitment

Commitments are not Trivial

Sometimes we make so many commitments to ourselves that they become trivial. They are fleeting lasting only a few days at the most. Sometimes we make a commitment and in a few moments later already are breaking it! Commitments make us feel better to make them, as if, the very act of stating intent will absolve us of the guilt of not doing anything. Perhaps we become addicted to the concept and thereby weaken the strength of our resolve. As with almost everything, the cure to this is mental awareness and mindfulness. Keep conscious track of the commitments you are making and be cognizant of the impact of adding more. The goal is to get yourself to the point where the commitment you make is sincere and real and that your resolve will be to actually keep them. When you decide to commit to something, you will know it is serious business and not a trivial matter. Guy Reams
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