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Level of Urgency

An appropriate level of urgency considering the importance of the situation, or the expected outcome is really important. Yet hard to achieve. Our need for urgency is not enough it seems. Urgency is brought on by the factors of the moment. A reactionary response seems to be built into our human chemistry.

The real trick is to be able to hack that urgency response and have it kick in even when it is not needed. Can you make the most important things in your life deserving of and actually get an urgent response? That is a real skill.

I am not sure how to cultivate that or even learn it. Seems like a very important skill. I have things that I really want to do, that are really important to me, but where is my urgency?

The human body will make me really urgently seek out some chocolate chip cookies when I am hungry, but why cant I figure out how to get my mind to trigger that urgency when I am engaged in an important work task?

Perplexing indeed and worthy of some thought. Well, I have lots of time sitting in quarantine!

Guy Reams

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