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What is the Most Important Thing?

Have you considered on any day what is the absolutely most important thing that I could be doing right now?

Think about this. Right now even. Have you considered this question, seriously? Do you know the answer? Here are a few possibilities.

You know the answer. It comes to you right away. You know exactly what you should be doing. What the most important thing is that you could be doing right now. If this is your reaction, the next question – is why are you not doing it? The answer to this question could be an excuse. It could be that you just do not “feel like it,” or you cannot for some reason. You maybe choosing to do something that his higher priority to someone else than yourself. Ask yourself if you are making that as a conscious decision or not. Do I understand that I am choosing to make another person’s requirement my priority? If you are, that maybe acceptable and that is ok. However, it if was a unconscious choice – then what are you going to do about that?

You do not know the answer. If you do not know what the most important thing is that you should be doing right now, then the next question is – how am I going to find that out. My suggestion – schedule time with yourself to focus on that question and really explore trying to discover the answer. This is a really important question. Worthy of some time to figure that out.

You do not want to deal with this right now and are going to ignore this blog topic because you are too busy. This is probably most of us. Here is something for you to consider before you move your attention elsewhere. You are being controlled. You are reacting to other people’s agendas. You are being passive and not proactive about your life . Your life is out of your control because you are not in control.

The absolute first critical step in life improvement is to take time everyday to focus on the most important thing for you to do that day. Put that first and everything else second. This will cause a significant life change.

Guy Reams

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