The 365 Commitment

Punch in the Face – Day 3

So day 2 of my hundred day challenge ended with me in the emergency room, holding a pint of my own blood in a cup and my poor wife pushing me around in a wheel chair. On the positive side, I have finally figured out what gets you to the top of the queue in the ER. Blood on the floor seems to do the trick. So I decided to take on the evil demons that are out to get me and go hard corp and try to ratchet up my attempts to improve my efforts. A sprint to the 1000 day finish line.

Since I made that commitment, the forces against me literally punched me in the face. Yup, last night I my nose was bleeding so bad that I had to have an ER physician get it to stop. So for the last 3 days I have been literally in a fight. I even look like it now.

Ha! but that will not stop me. I will meet my commitment! Bring it on! What is next!

Guy Reams

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