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Embrace the Suck

So this phrase was one of the original blogs I did back over 1000 blogs ago. I wrote a long diatribe on how sometimes you just have to do the hardest thing to get the best results. I decided on that day, to just start running. In my mind at the time, running was the absolute worst thing that I could conceive of doing. So I just embraced it. I just started running, no matter how miserable that I felt, no matter how bad it was. I would just embrace the suck and do it anyway. Now I run everyday and now I have a new problem. Running is not enough. It needs to suck more I guess. Arrgh. Why can’t I ever get to the point in life where I do something well for a while and reach a nice stable equilibrium!? I swear all those people that talk about their perfect little zen peaceful life they have are a bunch of liars. Never been like that for me. Grow or die.

However, I am on to a new idea with the embrace the suck mentality. Sometimes in life, in work, in a covid society, things around you just suck really bad. So you have three choices. 1. You can sit around and be miserable and complain all the time. 2. You can ditch out, cancel quit, bail out. or 3. You can just embrace it whole heartedly and make it work. Honestly, I think I have found the most peace in my life when I do number 3. I do not fight it anymore. I just accept whatever it is that life dishes out and relish in the complete suckiness. Make lemonade out of lemons, so to speak.

So I am learning to just accept it. Swallow the jagged pill with a smile on my face. Happy Day, another BS problem I have to deal with! Whoohoo!

Guy Reams

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