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Meaningful Contribution

So I have a new mindset that I have started to adopt this last few days. I have been working on it for quite some time, but I want to really push to make this effort more real for me. By that I mean, a commitment of daily time. An everyday commitment. The mindset is centered on the concept of focus. The right focus. No matter what I find myself engaged in, I am setting out to make a meaningful contribution to that particular effort. To accomplish this, I have identified the following considerations.

What not to worry about

I am no longer going to worry about why I am doing something or how important it is. The time to worry about that is NOT when I am doing it. The time to worry about that is when I have set aside time for planning my future activities. When I start the day, whatever I am scheduled or planned to perform I am going to focus on being present and giving my best effort at the activity. So I am going to stop stressing about what I am doing. The time to worry about that is when I am specifically working on that plan.

What I am going to try not to do

When I am engaged in an activity, and I am not excited about it, I tend to get distracted. I focus on other things instead. I also tend to be sarcastic and cynical. This is completely non-productive. I have to recognize the fact that I am scheduled in that activity for a reason, and whatever I have done in the past caused this event to happen. So as a consequence, the only person to blame is myself. So I am going to do the best I can with what is in front of me. The time to change what I am working on is not at that moment, it is the time that I set aside to do just exactly that. So I am going to try to fully engage in activities with the intend of improving, or providing something meaningful.

What I am going to try

I always have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to what I am engaged in at the time. Spending time with family, attending a meeting, interviewing a new employee, talking to a client. I need to stop worrying so much about WHAT MY NEEDS are and focus instead on how I can help improve this situation, help the person(s) that I am engaged with an help the interaction with me be meaningful. 

Is it a reasonable goal to make a meaningful contribution in whatever activity that I find myself in? I think so. I may not be able to solve the world’s problems in one day, but I can do the best I can to contribute in a positive way with what God, and/or Fate has placed in front of me!

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