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Mono e mono

Ok gringos, the phrase is not mono e mono, it is actually mano a mano. Somebody back in time one day heard this said in Spanish, got it all wrong and forever ingrained in our culture is the wrong phrase. Lets also clear up another issue on this phrase. Mano is not man. This is not a reference to man to man combat, but rather hand to hand combat. So next time you are ready to go to battle with someone, please recognize when you say, ‘you ready to go mono e mono’, what you are really asking is to go monkey to monkey – which maybe more accurate of a query. Say it right, ‘mano a mano’ and then put up your bare knuckles, because that is what you are inviting them to.

Having said that, sometimes, you just need to go mano a mano with someone. In a figurative sense of course. All though there have certainly been a few times where I felt like a good punch in the face would do someone good. Dancing around the subject of difficult human interaction is exhausting. People do not say what they mean, or articulate what they feel. They just dance around the subject, like two monkeys (mono e mono). This is just a giant time suck, so perhaps it is better to just to have it out. Get it over with.

Since when did getting into an argument turn into a bad thing anyway? Are we so trapped behind anonymity on the Internet that we just cannot handle a intense conversation now and then? We have become so wimpy nowadays, we waste so much time fumbling around and trying to avoid conflict. Whenever I do get into a fight with another, there are usually a few outcomes.

I feel bad at first, but the relationship with person improves. We now know our differences and understand where we come from. The next conversation is definitely more efficient.

I am no longer avoiding things. A quick call, a quick note and I have already exposed my intent with the person. We both know exactly where each other is coming from.

Overtime we actually become allies, because we have done what is required to build relationships. We have gone mano a mano, we understand each other. Our relationship produces faster results, so now when I need something I can go straight to that person. I know what they are good at and what they want, so they are the most likely to help.

So, stop going mono e mono with people, start going mano a mano and improve your relationships!

Guy Reams

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