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Nothing is Owed

I had a revelation this morning that there is just simply nothing owed to me, in fact, I am probably more in debt than I realize. There are many things we take for granted that surround us everyday that if we just stopped and noticed that it took for those things to be here, we would realized that nothing is owed.

Perhaps we call it a sense of entitlement, but there is a certain mentality we adopt that we believe that we are owed something. I realized today after watching a documentary of just how much hardship was endured to make my life so comfortable. Honestly, how dare I even hint at the idea that I am owed something, or that I even deserve something that I have not worked for.

I watch the news these days and see people angry, demanding reparations for injustice, past transgressions or other unfair actions committed by one group or another. I make no argument if their concerns are valid or not, perhaps they are absolutely correct. However, anyone living in this modern society, should think really carefully before they start to make demands on society claiming a debt of some sort. There is just quite simple a lot of blood, sweat, and tears soaking the ground on which we all stand. Now some have it harder than others, and certainly I must recognize how good that I have it, but everyone, regardless of circumstances has a debt to pay to the ones that came before them.

Now I can make no claim regarding the rights, privilege, or ancestry of any other human being. I can, however, clearly state my personal situation. I know my ancestry well, I know where I came from and I know what a lot of them went through for me to be here typing this blog. I also know the history of my country, and the country’s from which family members immigrated. I have no right to claim, under any condition that I am owed anything. I am in complete debt, so I will just be grateful for what I do have and wake up tomorrow and do the best that I can.

Guy Reams

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