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Renewal Required

Everywhere we look in nature and humanity we see evidence of renewal. Perhaps this is a result of how the earth revolves around the sun, bringing times of warmth and energy after longer periods of cold and dormancy. Life has adapted over millenia of natural cycles caused by the earth’s spin and revolution around the solar system’s energy source.

Irregardless of why and how, we are subject to this concept of annual renewal. This is not only a natural law, but reinforced by almost every major cultural influence. Just think of all the things going on in and around our lives that are based on this concept of annual renewal. Television shows are based on seasons, companies have annual reports, and today the entire Christian world celebrates Easter.

Renewal, rebirth are symbolically represented everywhere. The lotus flower, the ancient Celtic triskele symbol, Egyptian, Greek, Irish mythologies, the Phoenix, and green easter eggs. The concept of renewing ourselves once a year is just part of living, part of our social construct.

So, yes, not only are you subject to an annual renewal each year it is an actual requirement. You simply cannot escape it. Humans have thousands of years of cultural ceremony centered on this concept for a reason. We renew. Just like the brown bear that hibernates in the winter, you the human must wake from your proverbial winter cocoon and spread your wings and fly once again.

What was once great will become great again. What has become slow, will speed up. What is now old and tired will refresh and become young and energetic once again. Refresh, renew, rise up and find your new beginning. This is natural and part of the process of being human. Are you feeling downtrodden, sluggish, and a little soft around the edges? Have no concern, it is now your time for renewal.

So welcome Spring. Welcome your chance to renew. Become a better version of you.


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