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Weight in Stones

In Old English seaports it was common to weigh out equivalents with whatever was on hand, and on this case it more often than not was a stone. Overtime the need for more exact measurements were required, and the technogy for weighing raw goods improved. However, with a tip of a hat to the way things used to be the English will still use the term stones when measuring livestock and even people. A stone is roughly equal to fourteen pounds. So I am 16 stone.

I thought about this concept when I woke up this morning and I could feel the pull of gravity dragging me down. I was thinking, geez, I feel like I am carrying a bunch of rocks today. This lead me down the path of evaluating my weight in Stones. However, it is not weight that I am pondering this morning, it is value. Every relationship is built on value, either realized or perceived. If a person is not getting enough value from another then the relationship will erode overtime. How long that will take to completely destroy the relationship depends on many factors, but any relationship lacking value degrades.

So you always have to be asking yourself, am I pulling my weight in Stones? Am I providing enough value to keep the relationship healthy and strong? It does not matter how awesome you intend to be, eventually, what matters is how much value you provide to the other party. A spouse, a child, a family member, a client, an employer, and employee, a volunteer or any other relationship begins and ends with a value proposition.

I am going to carefully analyze today if I am pulling my weight in Stones. Will I like the answer?

Guy Reams

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