The 365 Commitment

The 100 Day Plan

I have frequently done this exercise over the last few years. Effectively, I create a vision of what I want to be like in 100 days from now. I create a vision in my mind of what my exact situation will be in 100 days. How I will look, how I will feel, what I will have accomplished. Then I articulate that by writing it down. Then I ask the tough question. Alright – now that I have a vision of what I am going to be in 100 days, what has to happen for that to occur?

Each morning and night I think about this future vision. I think about it so much that the future vision actually becomes a memory. That is right, I create a memory of the future. It is through this future authoring exercise that I am able to will things to happen, to make changes by a sheer force of focused determination.

Most the time I have started out the 100 days, feeling like that future vision could never happen. Sometimes, not all that I came up with comes completely true, but the truth is that most the time it does. I set in stone the idea that I am going to be a certain way, and with conviction of faith, more often then not the memory becomes reality.

You would be surprised how rarely people actually set personal goals, and when they do how even more rare it is for them to write them down. Just that act alone would probably have some benefit, but even fewer people actually take even 2 minutes to visualize what their future will be like. Combine all that together and commit this to regular practice and you will be doing something that 1 in million people do.

Is this why true success is so rare?

Guy Reams

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