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Learning from Nascar

So I was in my Doctor’s office today. She was giving me a lecture. I went in at 1pm and came out at 3:30pm. I got a literal and figurative dressing down. During the lecture, she looked right at me and said, now pay attention. Now I do not know how she knew this, but apparently she is a closet Nascar fan. Now I do not think you come out in society as a Nascar fan, it is probably a kin to admitting you voted for Trump, or that you actually own a 30 Round AR-15 with a RPR 12″ free float M-LOK handguard or that you let your children watch SouthPark.

Anyway, she looked me in the eye and said, when you are in your car and you start to spin out of control DO NOT LOOK AT THE WALL. If you are spinning out of control and you look toward what you fear, then that is exactly where you will head. If you want to get out of the spin, the best thing you can do is look toward where you want to go. Sage wisdom from an armchair Nascar fan.

The trick is to always keep focused on where you want to go. This way when you start to spin out of control, you will still be focused on the right path and be less likely to careen into a wall at high speed. Stay focused on where you want to go, even when, and especially when you lose control for a brief period of time!

Guy Reams

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