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The Moment of Peril

The greatest time for me to worried about is when I come up with a good idea and I am all ready to pounce and spring into action. This moment, precisely at this moment I am at my absolute weakest point. It is at these moments, when action is so necessary and so critical to pull off a well thought through and constructed idea. This is NOT, absolutely NOT the time to be entertaining a new idea, or a new concept. This is not the time to start day dreaming or brainstorming on the art of the possible. This is the moment where I need to put my head down and focus, remove all distraction and shut my creative brain down and pick up and dust off the ‘ol execution side of my capabilities. My life is a long tale of discarded ideas, all abandoned not at conception, not after being implemented, not after becoming irrelevant, but rather right at the moment of execution. Of course, I recognized this and figured out what I was doing and fixed it years ago, but I am still highly susceptible to the potential of leaving my great ideas at the altar, all dressed up and ready to go.

This is the great moment of peril for my many ideas. The moment where I allow myself to get distracted by the next shiny idea at precisely, and exactly the wrong time.


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