The 365 Commitment

Commit to Omit

Sometimes we struggle with omitting things from our lives. Things that we do, that we really do not want to do because they have negative consequences. So what is the best way to eliminate these sins we want to omit from our lives?

The absolute best way is to replace them with another habit. A deliberate act of commission that will replace the thing you need to get rid of. I have read this bit of advice many times, but never realized just how true this is.

It is obviously true with eating. Do you go for the sugary snack at a certain point of the day or with a certain trigger? Well if you do, just simply replace it with something else, a more healthy substitute. You cannot do this all at once, but you can knock one bad habit off at a time until suddenly your are always eating healthy.

There are many other bad habits or unproductive and even destructive things we may do. Some more subtle than others. That cocaine habit would be an obvious first candidate for replacing with something more healthy, but seriously, look carefully.

Real carefully. I did not think I had that many bad habits until I started evaluating what I do everyday. A good example, was when I sit down at my computer for the first time in a day. I have an automatic few things that I do, and frankly, it never starts my day off well. So, this is a great candidate for replacement. I need to have a new sequence that I do when I first walk into my office and READING my email is NOT going to be the first thing anymore!

Guy Reams


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