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Power of Visualization

Visualizing yourself as the way you want to be has powerful motivating effects. It is a critical process on the way to success. By creating enough of a visual of the way you want to be, you can actually imprint onto yourself this visualization and you will start to become what you see in the future.

I call this making the future so real that it becomes a memory. If you visualize your future self with enough detail and with enough frequency, it can become even more familiar then a favorite memory is. Once that starts to happen, then you will start to make changes in your life that seem to come naturally.

The hard part is spending enough time performing the visualization. This is not a stress thing. If you spend all day stressing about the fact that you have not become what you want, then you will get no where. However, spending 30 minutes per day in a visualization technique where you meditate upon your future self is a positive activity. This has dramatic effects, if you learn to visualize your future self with enough clarity and detail that it becomes self fulfilling.

Guy Reams

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