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Fake it To Make it

This is a phrase frequently used in management / sales circles. It is a humorous way of saying that often times people do not know what they are selling all that well. They instead fake it the best that they can. However, buried into this concept, is a nugget of wisdom.

If you really want to become a certain way, then perhaps a great lesson to be learned is that you can pretend to be that way. If you pretend to be something you are not for long enough, you will eventually become what you are pretending to be.

Now I know what people will say about that concept. You need to be true to yourself they will say. Be honest with who you are they will advise. That is wise as well, but here is the kicker. If you DO NOT LIKE who you are, then the only way out is the stress of trying to be SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT. Sometimes the who you are is just not that great, and not getting you what you desire. Therefore that requires you to imagine what you SHOULD be like, or what you WANT to be like.

That is difficult, so instead, many of us will look to others as examples of what we want to be like. What we do not realize is that often times, they are too pretending. However, we can try to be like someone else in the absence of true knowledge of the behaviors, attributes, and characteristics of the type of person we want to be.

So if you do find a good example, and I really do hope it is a good example of the type of person you want to be then you can start to understand your GAPS. Those are usually pretty wide. There is a reason you are not rich and wealthy, or slim and fit, or driving a different exotic car every day of the week. Those GAPS come at a tremendous price tag to overcome. Most often we cannot pay that price in any easy way. That price tag is really steep.

So the only thing we can do is to fake like we are the person we want to become. That means we must do the similar behaviors that this person would do. Everything to what you read, listen to, and participate in. This sounds strange, and many will have a bad reaction to pretending to be someone else. However, I do not know of another way to transform the person you are. The only way is to fake it until you make it.

Guy Reams

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