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The Bird Takes Breaks

So most every morning I sit out in my back yard and do my journaling thing. I have a habit of sitting in this one chair next to a desert sage plant that is in blossom this summer. This hummingbird has gotten used to me and comes to steal nectar from the plant. The bird is used to me now so it will get almost within about 2 feet of my face as it buzzes around the plant. It carefully goes from flower to flower, hovering, balancing and then going in with deft precision. The wings flap incredibly fast and the bird has this ability to stay still even in a condition with a breeze. The bird has a stabilizer tail feather that is constantly swaying  back and forth, maintaining aero dynamic stability with incredible control. Imagine if we could build drones like that! This bird is clearly the pinnacle of nature’s most efficient machine.

However, you may not have see this before, but the hummingbird does not move around all the time. The bird takes breaks. Frequently. Lands on a branch and stays dead still and blends into the surrounding area perfectly. Interesting observation.


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