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My commitment to write a daily blog since January 7th, 2018
What People Are Saying
  • Guy Reams: “Yes, but as we get older we are more practical or perhaps just more tired. Oh the irony. We have…Feb 3, 16:15
  • Donnel Meister Kathy: “I think as we age and look back I think youth can sometimes portray a lack of confidence. For me…Feb 3, 03:01
  • Donnel Meister Kathy: “I have always found that if I overthlnk something I am about to do it feeds upon my fear. If…Jan 23, 16:19
  • Guy Reams: “Is that what I have to look forward to!Jan 21, 16:39
  • Guy Reams: “Thank you! Yes, expand your capacity and capability and problem solving will be easier. Yes, the library where they bury…Jan 21, 16:38







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