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The Dumbing of a Generation

Every older generation scoffs at the upcoming young ones and mocks their stupidity. That only lasts for so long and then suddenly the young ones are not so young anymore and they take over.

However, I did a little experiment. I read what was called a “top crime fiction novel of 2020.” I then went back 100 years ago and read another book in the same category. I will keep the titles out of it. The previous is rather embarrassing actually, and I dare repeating the title and topic. However, to stay true to my quest I could not skip the top rated book of this generation and go the second, now could I?

The contrast was quite interesting. Both had a twist to the end. Both had a slow discovery of clues by the protagonist. Both referenced tools of the trade of that era. Both made commentary on things going on in society at the time. That contrast was rather fun to marvel at.

The largest contrast was the assumption on the part of the reader. The modern one assumed the reader wanted a very detailed description on how people felt, what they were thinking and what they were doing. The older book, focused on dialog and assumed the reader would reach their own conclusions about how people thought and felt. The older novel had complex dialog, the newer had events and activities.



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