The 365 Commitment

The Illusion of Safety

We create this illusion of safety around ourselves that is crafted slowly overtime with predictability. We see the same results, we see no harm, we then begin to craft this illusion that we are really safe. We effectively live the life of a Turkey. The turkey wakes up everyday in a comfortable and safe environment, gets fed really fattening grain and has a well tended disease free environment. Everyday is predictable. Everyday is the same. Until one day they wake up and their time is up, people want their Thanksgiving turkey. So their illusion of safety was not real at all.
We do the same thing with ourselves, we create an illusion of safety that is not really there at all. The ramification of this is that we make decisions based on this illusion and often times we decide not to do things out of a preference to stay “safe.”
Beware Turkey. One day you will wake up and realize you were not that safe at all.


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