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Coming Up on 4 Years

So I really started this 365 Commitment Blog around New Years, 4 Years Ago. I actually did not start on January 1st. I started a few days late. It would seem that January 1st would have been the correct day, but if you think about it, there is nothing really significant about this day over any other day. So January 6th has become significant to me as that is when I started the commitment and I have been writing a blog entry every day now since that time. So at the end of this week I will have been doing this blog for 4 years, or 1,460 days in a row. I do not think I have ever done anything that many days in a row other then perhaps wake up. Cannot even say that I have brushed my teeth that many days in a row, inevitably I have camped or backpacked or something. However, I have kept the commitment associated with this blog everyday for that long and that includes this blog entry. Some have been fun to write, some have been painful. I have fallen asleep while writing them and in a few instances could not stop writing.

At any rate, I am reflecting on this last 4 years and I am sort of shocked that it has gone by so fast. That first 100 days of the commitment felt like going through absolute misery, but now here I am just casually keeping the commitment like it was brushing teeth. So perhaps that is not good. Perhaps it is time for a massive shake up! Maybe I have become too lazy, to lax in my approach. Time to switch it up a bit, get a little more aggressive.

I do have something major looming. I committed as part of this blog to run a 100 miler before my next birthday in July. So here I am trying to prepare to run a 30 Mile trail run at end of January, a 50 Mile trail run at the end of February and then the 100 Miler at the end of April. So in a way, I guess I am forced to dial it up a notch now. Need to get my act together or I am going to be puking my guts out in some bushes along the path at mile 25 in a few weeks. That is one way to force yourself to get out of a comfort zone. Commit to something beyond your ability and do it no matter what you might protest.

So at any rate, heading into the the last week of my 4 year experience keeping the same commitment everyday.

Guy Reams

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1 year ago

Happy blogiversary!

Kathy Donnel Meister
Kathy Donnel Meister
1 year ago

Congrats on your dedication! I know you will give your all on your run. Success is putting one step forward and not giving up. I know this from hiking.

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