The 365 Commitment

Day 152 – Reflection on Purpose

I find myself frequently immersed in the worlds of various social media influencers, absorbing the daily or weekly wisdom they dispense through their newsletters and posts. Although their primary aim often seems to be promoting their latest offerings, occasionally, they share insights that prompt me to ponder my life’s direction and goals. Recently, one such insight struck a chord with me: the imperative of having a clear, defined purpose to avoid confusing your audience and hindering the growth of your subscriber base. This made me question my own purpose. Am I, too, lost in the ambiguity of my goals, let alone concerning myself with an audience?

Engaging in this reflection, I’ve come to see the value in examining the motives behind my writing endeavors. Admittedly, my purpose hasn’t always been crystal clear, shaped more by a nebulous desire to contribute something meaningful to others, however small. My journey through life—marked by several significant transformations—has instilled in me a restlessness, an incessant drive for self-improvement, despite the comforts of the status quo. This drive stems from an inner quest for fulfillment or perhaps from an innate compulsion towards betterment.

Over half a century, I’ve embraced disruptive change and risk, leaving behind promising careers, initiating ventures, and challenging myself with seemingly insurmountable goals. The allure of the impossible has always spurred me on. My commitment to thinking differently and challenging conventional wisdom has been a constant. On January 7th, 2018, this quest led me to embark on a new journey of transformation, giving rise to The 365 Commitment blog.

The genesis of this project was my search for a personal doctrine to combat the discouragement and feelings of unworthiness that plagued me. Despite having much in my favor, I struggled with the basics that would ensure my health and goal attainment. Inspired, I devised a commitment, which I honored daily for a year. This commitment evolved into a practice of daily reflections shared with a group of students, which, in turn, necessitated the creation of a dedicated website for archiving these insights.

Thus, my blog has become more than a mere record; it is the embodiment of my commitment to transformation. It serves as a therapeutic outlet, enabling me to navigate the tumultuous path of personal and professional growth, fraught with fear and anxiety. Writing daily, I document the moments of inspiration that fortify my resolve to persist, despite the obstacles.

Do I have a purpose? Undoubtedly. It is to steadfastly follow this path, which writing facilitates by offering clarity and focus. I’ve whimsically dubbed this my “CAPUCHl,” a term of my own invention. The 365 Commitment has evolved into a beacon of daily inspiration and motivation, supporting both my journey and, hopefully, those of others embarking on similar transformations.

My aim is not to amass wealth or a vast following but to remain true to my course, continually advancing despite the challenges. If my writings offer guidance to others on their paths, then all the better. As I navigate day 152 of this latest phase of transformation, I hope to provide solace and encouragement to those who find resonance in my words.

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