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The 365 Commitment is a simple formula that can improve your life. The original commitment by Guy Reams was to follow a specific formula for 365 days in a row and find out what the impact would be. You can read the daily blog or sign up for the weekly update. This blog is about motivation, inspiration and encouragement to make and keep life changing commitments.

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The Journey into the WindRiver Range

30 years ago, I drove up from the town of Pinedale, Wyoming along Lake Fremont Road. This little road that passes the Mountain Man Museum of the Rockies, heads up this small little hill side covered in high desert scrub and sage brush. What is amazing is that from the town you cannot see the wilderness, as the town center sits down in a small basin. The previous evening, I had met a family that ran an outfitters group that took teams of llama’s to carry gear into the Bridger Wilderness. As we ate dinner, I marveled at the wide

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The Story of Ramona, a Spanish Flu Victim in 1919

Visiting my Grandmother Leatha Reams in Colorado a few years back, I was looking through some documents when I found what appeared to be a small hand written journal. After looking through it carefully, I realized these were the notes and musings of a school teacher. Sure enough, they were some lesson plans and even one of the childhood notebooks of my Great Aunt Ramona Outcalt. The pages gave you the sense of an organized mind, with a bent toward perfectionism and a curiosity for learning new things. Ramona was the first child of John Outcalt and Florence (Flora) Johnson

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