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  • Diana Linzey: “Love the conclusion…so true. I’ve also heard that the first mile is a liar.Jun 14, 09:04
  • Guy Reams: “Yes! Travelin’ Blues.Jun 11, 06:43
  • Guy Reams: “Yes, sometimes I like to make fun of myself – reduces the stress!Jun 11, 06:42
  • Kat: “So true. Taking the time to just walk solo let’s your thoughts go where they will. I like the part…Jun 8, 22:12
  • Diana Linzey: “Love this! Great way to change the perspective. So funny and thank you for sharing.Jun 4, 17:25








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Eat a Raisin

The Microbiologist, Joh Kabat-Zinn, wrote several papers and a few books on using meditation and other techniques to improve health.

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